Guess by Marciano Christina Pumps

Well hello there sweetie, lookin’ good today, good indeed:

Christina GbyMarciano

And sweetie, you sure are not any less prettier on foot*:

Christina GbyMarciano

Sure, the 3cm platform is Charlotte Olympia inspired but it also remind me of fudge and we all know I have a soft spot for shoes that draw similarities to candy. The combination of different fabrics and shades of gold work really well together to make Christina stylish and funky without becoming a fashion overkill. In my little shoe world, this is an attention-drawing but versatile shoe (not the easiest criteria to fulfill),  that can do the job for everything from New Years Eve  to a night in town dressed in your skinnies and a top.

But! (Why is there always a “but”?) Maybe I am a bit too much of a shoe perfectionist, maybe I am just looking for a reason not to take these babies home but this little sloppy seam is bothering me a tad:

Christina GbyMarciano

It does not look straight, it breaks of the fudge gorgeousness in a disturbing way and it does not seem to be placed parallelly with the heel of the shoe. Too picky? If you want to take a look for yourself, you can find Christina here.

*I seriously appreciate it when the websites take the time to put a model (that is already wearing the clothes anyway)  in a pair of shoes and snap a picture. It is more than right considering the fact that the price tag of  shoes is often same or even higher than for an optional piece of clothing.

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  1. I see what you mean. The platform looks ‘stuck on’, however, if the platform was equal to the whole sole of the shoe, it would have looked to heavy. Love the analogy to candy!!

    • Thanks! Honestly, the “stuck on” part I can deal with. Like you said, it does not make the shoe too heavy. But the seam is such a small but annoying detail.

  2. These are great heels. 😉

  1. B Brian Atwood Shoe fab « Fortyone Please

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