Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

Speaking of the advantages of seeing a shoe on foot in my previous post, I definitely think a picture like that would have benefited Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals:

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

It is a bit unclear what is what but there is definitely a lot of butterflies, some straps and what seems to be a really elegant pair of sandals, something that is further indicated by this:

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Butterfly Sandals

Sleek and sexy, no?

After the first wave of speculations with myself about how they look, a detail made me raise an eyebrow. With my shoe interest I have seen a pair or two of designer shoes throughout the years, embellished with pretty much everything from heavy studs to Swarovski crystals. However, the price tag of £1 100 that comes together with these sandals still managed to surprise me a bit.  Yes, they are very pretty but that makes them the most expensive pair of shoes featured in this little blog so far and they have not given me the biggest shoe cravings of them all. Maybe I am missing something, dunno. Want to throw your eye on them for yourself? You can find the shoes at Harvey Nichols.

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  1. kristinekroken

     /  December 16, 2011

    OMG! Love them !


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