Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

After the last 24 hours of intensive last-minute shopping, gift wrapping, “Let’s grab one drink before the Christmas break, when was your flight in the morning btw? Auch that’s early.”* and kick-starting the official food indulging season at my parents house where I will be spending the next couple of days**  – it is shoe time again.

Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

These Lanvin pumps give me slight  “untied from the bedpost” vibes. Like the person wearing them was up in some kind of BDSM play with her partner and in the middle of it her brain froze “Sh*t, I have completely forgot that (optional activity) that starts like now!” So instead of taking the time to open up the buckles, her partner just snaps her free from the bedpost in order to spare a couple of valuable minutes and she runs off.

With that said, I like them. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly darker colour for the rest of the pumps but the ankle-wrap detail is to good to resist, even from behind:

Lanvin Laser-Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump

Yes, the bedpost vibes are here, but at least people will think that you and your partner have good taste when it comes to bedroom accessories. You can find the shoes here.

* giving the sign to the waiter for another gin and tonic at the same time

** may the best metabolism win

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  1. Love Lanvin but…..these shoes lack something..a whip maybe? They look unfinished somehow. Thumbs down on this one am afraid

    • I think that it is a bit unbalanced, a lot of focus on the ankle wrap which is very nicely done and a bit of lazy work on the rest. A richer colour (maybe purple/dark red suede) and/or a curvier shape of the shoe would have compensated the absence of the whip I think :).


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