Asos sale goodies

Spring and Summer might feel galaxies away but it is that time of the year again – crispy, light and lively colours are entering the shops. And we all know what that means – sharpen your nails girls,  it is time for shoe sale. Out with the old and in with the new. Glancing through the sale at Asos, I found a couple of esthetically appealing goodies:

KG Bella Bow Front Platform Strap Court

Bella here is probably my personal favourite. Or my “personal brand of heroine” for you Twilighters out there (anti-Twilighters please note the cheesines alert for the second link).  Anyhow, the purple and green are really adorable together, the little bow sweetens the shoe without being too much and the 13,5cm heel is probably manageable due to the stable platform. My only dislike is the crappy choice of the shoe for the product picture.  If you want to sell things, my general advice is NOT to take a shoe that has been laying on the side long enough for the suede to slightly wear out. Not good.

Asos Paranormal Platform Peep Court Shoes

I have to bow my head in shame and confess that I do not have any green shoes in my possession (at least not yet, a shoe girl’s got to have goals right?). The absence of green in my shoe collection is actually really strange since I DO the darker, richer shades of it. Like Paranormal. For the totally affordable £35,50. In one of my favourite models, the peep toe. Hmm, what am I waiting for? Why am I even writing this instead of double checking that I got my credit card details right at the Asos check-out page? Oh well, maybe later.

And finally:

River Island Origami Toe Platform Shoes

I am seriously digging the River Island’s origami bow. It is not fighting with the rest of the shoe for attention but it still manages to stand out. I have been looking at it for a while now and I keep thinking that the whole combination would go great with red nail polish and blue skinnies or a cute white dress.

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  1. Cool heels. I like them. 😉

  2. Huge fan of ASOS. Ankle straps for me aren’t my thing (Dont tink they suit me). Track back maybe I need to try some on!!! Adore the River Island bow shoes very much

  3. I agree with you, that origami bow is beautiful. Normally not to big on bows but that one is perfect. Takes a blah neutral patent and really makes a statement!!


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