Christian Louboutin Splash Fur 150 Platform Peep-toe Pumps

Just like almost any shoe-interested female (and male) on the planet, I seriously worship Christian Louboutin. Tell me that you will show me a Christian Louboutin shoe and I will immediately start forming positive expectations which will be fulfilled in 95% of the cases. Well, this is one of the remaining 5%:

Christian Louboutin Splash Fur 150 Platform Peep-toe Pumps

This could seriously be the footwear of Cruela de Vil’s sister. It looks like a small, fluffy and unfortunate animal found itself on her way and after she kicked it, instead of bouncing away, with its dying breath it desperately tried to hold on and maybe survive. Rather than giving the poor animal a second chance or at least having the decency of scraping it off, the sister decided it was an awesome shoe-decoration and strapped it firmer before going to the family dinner and with a content smile murmur “Well,  how did that Pongo business turn out for you dear?”

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  1. Very funny and imaginative use of words.
    I think I might turn into Cruella, as Louboutin can not do any wrong in my eyes! Have I been blinded by the signature red soles? Yes…. I can seriously see my happy feet in these little furry beauties.

    • Thanx, sometimes the inspration flows :). Hmmm, this is getting interesting. I might have a couple of Loubis that will be interesting to get a second opinion on soon 🙂


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