Guess Billow2 – Pink Multi Suede Slingbacks

Ever since I got my first pair a couple of years ago, the relationship between my feet and Guess shoes can best be described as a passionate but stable love affair. You know, like that hot couple that are so into each other that you can see in their faces that sparks will fly as soon they get home BUT that still manage to be all normal, friendly and socializing throughout the whole party.  Of course, no jealousy involved despite their supreme hotness because “the trust is crucial”.  Yuckie.

To summarize it, I am a sucker for Guess shoes since my general experience with them is that they are well-made, hot and  really comfortable regardless the heel height. I have had them through long working hours, even longer parties and all other kind of (sometimes killingly dull) cultural events.

So if I ever acquire my first grown-up pair of slingbacks, it will probably be these babies from Guess:

Guess Billow 2 Pink Multi Suede

The fact that they are pink, sparkly and that the detail at the peep-toe and the heel elegantly match does help its cause as well.

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  1. I am hoping to see these at DSW today. 😉


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