Shoe look alikes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita (bare with me) & N.Y.L.A Azlea Bootie

Can’t help it. Jeffrey Campbell Lita look alikes are jumping at me from everywhere. In case you have spent the past year or so in a jungle, missing the whole Jeffrey Campbell boom and the explosion of look alikes, here is a small reminder. And here. Maybe I am getting a bit paranoid, maybe I will soon start to see similarities with Lita in every high-heeled shoe but I don’t think I have lost my marbles yet, at least not in this case:

N.Y.L.A Azlea Bootie in Brown

When I saw N.Y.L.A Azlea Bootie, my first thought was “Well done J.C, a more elegant version of Lita! Getting closer to my taste!”

Despite its clear resemblance to Lita, a shoe that magically transforms me to a clumsy big foot, I actually like N.Y.L.A Azlea bootie. And yes, I know I verbally dissected the two previous look alikes of the same shoe but consistency kills creativity, or whatever. I like Azlea. Beautiful shade of brown, same height and lines but slightly sleeker, slightly more elegant and, with the price tag of $130, slightly cheaper than the source of inspiration. If you like it too, you can find it at Revolve Clothing.

For the sake of consistency, here is Lita:

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

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