Mango “Touch” Leather Bow Pumps

Having a soft spot for red shoes and bows, that gets even softer around Christmas, it did not take me long until I decided to share Mango “Touch” pumps with you.

Mango "Touch" Leather Bow Pumps

When it comes to heels, my motto is usually “all or nothing” and everything below 10cm comes off as a bit bland to me. Therefore, I was positively surprised by the fact that “Touch” pumps manage to look quite curvy and delicious despite its relatively modest heel height of 8cm.

The mystery of the day started when I clicked for the black version, just to show you the available options:

Mango "Touch" Leather Bow Pumps

Seriously, is this really the same shoe? Just in different colour? Maybe I am getting conspiratorial with age, maybe the colours are playing a trick on me or maybe I just need another cup of coffee. Nevertheless, I have been flipping back and forward between the colours for a while now and the lines of the shoes do not look the same to me. The red shoe has a curvier heel that bends slightly more inward than the black one that is so straight it can be used as a ruler in case of emergency. The bows differ as well, with the red one a bit more luscious and buffed up. Altogether, the black version comes of as the country cousin of the red one to me. Want to take a closer look? You can find the shoes here.

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