Shoe look alikes: Sam Edelman “Roza” & Nelly “Forget Your Boyfriend”

It’s a no brain twister to see where Nelly got the inspiration when designing “Forget Your Boyfriend” .

Forget Your Boyfriend

Sam Edelman is the man who put stones and studs on a map for the high-street shoppers to that extent that every heavily studded heel is an automatical reminder of his creations.

Sam Edelman Roza

In this case, although there are clear similarities, I actually think Nelly has done a good “original-enough” job of creating a sexy party shoe, with the reasonable price tag of €72. It gets even better with the dreamy blue version:

Forget Your Boyfriend

And finally, I like Nelly’s little deviation from the standard female names when naming the shoe. However, I would simply adore something like “Forget Your Ex (no, you did not fail in figuring him out, he simply is a douchebag and although it sucks having just a pillow to hug right now, you actually know somewhere deep inside that you are better off without him)”.*

‘Cause, seriously, sometimes all a heart-broken girl needs to step out of her jammies, put down her XL can of Ben&Jerry’s and stop the repeat of “their” love song (to her neighbours delight) is an awesome pair of shes with a message her girlfriends will once again wholeheartedly agree with. Hopefully, on their way to the nightclub.

*Ok, ok I would understand if they left out the part in the parenthesis. I maybe got a bit too inspired there.

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