Luichiny Luv Lee Purple

Surfing around, I stumbled upon Luichiny’s Luv Lee purple pumps, took a fast look, gave the verdict  “not my cup of tea” and moved on. But then, somehow and out of unclear reasons, I came back for a second look.

Luichiny Luv Lee Purple Pumps

The jolly colour block style, the totally mismatching shades of purple and red, the chunky platform – all together, this is  NOT my style but still somehow and in a way I do not really understand still so… cute. Not awesome in a “hot-mama” way,  you know like THE pair of shoes you pick when you want to show the whole world that all boring yoga hours were actually time well spent since they turned you into a leg goddess but still – Luv Lee makes me in a good mood just by looking at it. I get the urge to take the shoes home, have them around as a mood raiser, play with them here and put them on the side from time to time just to check out this:

Luichiny Luv Lee

How cute? Anyhow, while I consider the possibility that I should get a pet instead of a shoe (or an appointment with a psychologist), you can check out Luv Lee here.

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