Kurt Geiger Sale goodies

Kurt Geiger has been running serious sale on their homepage for a while now. I have been popping in frequently, ooing and aahing here and there over something that particularly caught my eye. And what is a shoe blog for if not for sharing?

Corso Como

I have been a fan of the Corso Como model ever since it got out on the market and on the Olivia Palermo’s most-of-the-time well-accessorized legs. Although I do prefer the mustard version with the blue gem, I do think that the simplicity of this year’s model lets the curvy lines do all the talking. Except for the fact that there is only size 40 left on the homepage, there is one more concern about this model:

Corso Como

This is A LOT of heel for a shoe without a platform.

Let’s continue down the shiny path, shall we?

Kaboose8 Gold

 Kaboose8 is a classic peep-toe that also happens to be very sparkly which makes it a perfect party shoe for the affordable cost of £79- what’s not to like?

The well-balanced mixture of different leather types caught my eye here:



And finally, theoretically I am quite positive to the Mary Jane stilettos. That little strap over the ankle and the softly rounded toe should be sexy in a subtle way. Theoretically. In real life, once on my foot, nine times out of ten, the “subtly sexy” vibe have always been overwhelmed by the feeling of “single not so hot middle-aged teacher living with six cats”. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with that kind of personal choice in life. It is just not something you want to FEEL when trying on a shoe. Maybe because giving up is for quitters or maybe just because I am stubborn,  here is  Jenerro Sfay6:

Jennero Sfay6

Looks quite jummy on the picture, right? That shade of red should go perfectly with blue jeans, right? Right? Not with Cleo, Lucy, Fluffy and all other cat names I can come up with?

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