B Brian Atwood Fontanne Platform Pumps

If somebody told me that they have found a great pair of shoes that are metallic, textured leather, silver and with TWO shades of gold I would probably have to stop my eyebrows from taking the skeptical excursion up to my forehead and have a power nap under the shadow of my  hairline, smile politely,  and think they have lost their mind. It sounds like a lot to get along on one pair of feet. However, I think that Brian Atwood definitely pulls it of in this case :

B Brian Atwood Fontanne Platform Pumps

I really love when a designer surprises me by making a beautiful shoe out of something that theoretically should not go well together, raging from colours to fabrics and details. With its clear lines, well picked colour tones and proportions between the 4cm platform and the elegant 14cm heel  this is one sleek party shoe (a distinctive platform like this combined with a chunky heel as well can make a shoe look bulky). It is also quite handsome from behind:

Brian Atwood Fontanne Platform Pumps

And finally, the golden part of the platform reminds me of fudge. And a shoe that reminds me of candy is never a bad thing.

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  1. These are just so beautiful:)

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