Shoe look alikes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita (again) & Aldo Caram

Sigh… Again? Seriously, Jeffrey Campbell Lita must be the most frequently and blatantly copied… *cough, a deep breath, some happy thoughts and let’s rephrase a bit: Oh boy, Jeffrey Campbell Lita sure seems to be serving as a “source of inspiration” for a lot of shoe designers out there! (Don’t ask me to remove the quotation marks, I am still just a human being with limits when it comes to shoes) And the latest of those to be inspired sure seems to be the good people of Aldo. Sure, I might be getting lazy, blind and harsh with age but honestly –  can you see any clearly differentiating details between the shoes? Or guess the brand?

If you have not guessed it by now, the first shoe is Aldo’s Caram and the second one is Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita. Sure, sure, the patchwork is not exactly the same and neither is the seam around the ankle as well as a couple of small details but otherwise – striking resemblance. Honestly, if I took a brief look on both shoes, on the same pair of feet I am not sure I would raise an eyebrow and think “ah you crazy kids, going all Helena Bonham Carter these days”. When it comes to price, Aldo is doing the expected, pricing Caram app. 40£ cheaper than Lita. A catch or a plain copycat? Not sure? Click on the links above for more info.

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