Christian Louboutin SS´12

I have been wanting to show you some goodies from the Christian Louboutin SS’12 already last week but considering the fact that it took me a good half an hour of uploading ONE image due to the surprisingly fragile WiFi at the hotel (Seriously, a real comment made to my boyfriend “Wait! Don’t close the bathroom door! I will lose the signal!” and him answering “No way”)- the total time, muttering and patience needed for a couple of pictures was just a no-go. Anyhow, let’s cheer up this rainy November Monday with some of my personal SS’12 favourites:

Metal Nodo

Well, basic lines of Pigalle, the Queen  Mother of all stilettos,  spiced up with a bow and some serious bling – does not need further explanation, right? Oh, the cravings of an eternal magpie.


A bold mix of colours, texture and stones, I think these would go great with tanned legs *I take a look at the transparent skin peeping out of my pants and sigh, white cotton dress and an etno-inspired waist belt for that perfect city-bohemic look. As a sidenote, I really like the embroidered look  and I think we will  see more of it in the approaching season. The detailing of the shoe is really amazing, as expected from Christian Louboutin:

And finally:

Lady Peep Sling Pink

But oh yes my friends, yes indeed – a pair of slingbacks. I guess it is never too late for inner development, widening your horizons, facing your childhood traumas etc etc. If you are not a big fan of pink, well these do also come in the more subtle and versatile nude  option:

Lady Peep Sling Nude

Wanna see more of the SS’12 collection? All shoes can be found on Christian Louboutin’s official homepage.

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  1. I’m not a pink girl, but I LOVE the pink ones

  2. Neither am I actually! But these are just so drop dead gorgeous! 🙂


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