Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Open Toe Pumps

Hmmm, this sure seems to becoming a very glamorous week on this little shoe blog. But being a sucker for red stilettos, how could I resist showing you Giuseppe Zanotti Open Toe Pumps?

Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Open Toe Pumps

Usually I am not a big fan of slingbacks. They demand PERFECT heels due to total exposure. They also only offer a small strap as a support for the whole project of climbing up on high heels and hopefully staying there for a whole night of dancing. Trusting two small straps with my complete body weight throughout all that? Never been a risk taker to be honest.

I think that my resistance to the model goes long way back. When I was around eight years old, and dinosaurs still roamed the earth,  my mum bought me a pair of slingbacks. Of course they were not stilettos, my mum is a totally normal parent and even if Suri Cruise kind of raised the bar for children footwear honestly, that would still be a no go for me as a kid. Thankfully.

Due to the inability to put my foot down in an absolutely flat angle to the ground (like majority of people with arches I guess) it did not take long untill the strap stretched out and it looked like the sole of the shoe was trying to escape my foot by sliding to the side. Not a pretty sight and definitely not practical. The whole experience kind of etched into my brain so ever since then, every time I have an encounter with an interesting pair of slingbacks, the first thing I do is to suspiciously examine the strap, and most of the time walk away murmuring “too weak”. Yes, sometimes my real age is 105.

However, the velvety, sleek perfection of 14,5 cm high Guiseppe Zanotti pumps definitely make an incentive for inner development. Yes, they are sky-high but the 4cm platform decreases the angle of the foot to the manageable 10,5cm. Complemented with limited dancing and other kind of movement, unlimited taxi supply and a simple dress that puts focus on the feet I belive that these slingbacks make up a fabulous and manageable pair of shoes.  For further admiration, the beauties can be found here.

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