Fendi Chocolate Leather Colorblock Platform Boots

The “Chocolate” part of the name got me in a positively curious mindset about the Fendi boots even before I saw them. This might sound a bit pathetic but anything at least partially called “chocolate”  will come off to a good start with me. I can’t really come up with anything containing the magic c-word that is bad per se. Let’s just vaguely touch the possible scenario of me having to accessorize my favourite skinny jeans with the complementing muffin top and move on. I define that more as a possible consequence and hey, a girl’s got to take some risks now and then, it makes life more exciting.

After one look at Fendi Chocolate Leather Boots, one thing becomes clear – they definitely have a lot more to offer than just the name:

The rich colour combination, classic but modern design and the small golden detail at the top of the rounded toe is a recipe for one sleek and elegantly sexy boot. And it is holding up really well from behind as well:

The flattering, leg-prolonging colorblock design should not be a problem to match for every kind of occasion, from casual to festive. When it comes to outerwear, the first piece of clothing that comes into my mind is  a black trench coat with upfolded collar (can also mask the muffin top if things get out of hand so to say) topped of with burgundy lipstick, softly styled hair and of course the self-esteem boost coming from your killer boots. Like them as much as i do? Find out more at Bluefly.

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