Casadei 130mm Swarovski Open Toe Pumps

Honestly, sometimes I believe that I was either a drag-queen or a magpie in my past life, both of them with a shoe fetish. My wardrobe is quite modest in its colour palette and fabric, with black as the key word and occasional sequins popping up here and there. But almost all rules of modesty and sublime elegance are off when it comes to footwear. Show me some sparkly, well crafted (still not into the stripper shoe style thank you very much) high-heeled footwear and the magpie comes straight back to life, my brain immediately calculating the shortest way to the nest with the new shiny pray in my beak. Based on this little dirty confession, I think you can pretty much guess what I think about the today’s shoe, Casadei 130mm Swarovski Open Toe Pump

Casadei 130mm Swarovski Open Toe Pumps

Casadei 130mm Swarovski Open Toe Pumps

If you have the slightest tiny little glam gene in your body, how can you not love a shoe that is described as 80% Swarovski 20% Calfskin? 80% pure bling and the remaining 20% to keep it together, forming a sleek 13cm high open toe?

The only possible downside to this shoe that I can think of is that it is probably easy to become a tad self-conscious with so much Swarovski on your feet, keeping a safe distance from anybody who does not seem to have a well-coordinated way of walking. Well, hmmm, no… Subtle hints are not my cup of tea… Honestly, I am trying to formulate a nice way of saying I would probably go Jackie Chan on any poor soul that accidentally stepped on my feet. Getting it of my chest, back to the more pacifistic track. Want to feed your inner magpie a bit more? You can find the shoe here.

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