A shoe girl’s brainfreeze: Minna Parikka Armi

Why? Oh, for the love of God and everything holly out there, why?

Minna Parikka Armi

Minna Parikka Armi

Unaware of what’s to come, I was looking through Brandos huge supply of shoes when Minna Parikkas hit me with their full force. My mind stopped. In pure shock, fascination and a bit of shame for not being able to look away, I studied them for a good minute, totally speechless. Then I showed them to my boyfriend, watched his face change in the same way mine probably did a minute ago, and went to the kitchen to grab a snack. With some chocolate in my belly and regained ability to communicate I decided I needed to share this experience with you.

So many questions arise when I look at these shoes. What do you match them with? Who except for maybe the awesome Helen Bonham Carter can pull this off?  Why would you buy a pair of boots that create impression of you wearing Marie Antoinette’s latex slippers? Or that make you look like one sick cookie whose boots used to be body parts of somebody less fortunate who got in your way?  Body parts you caramelized in order to get that shiny look? (Yes, I might have seen a horror movie or two throughout the years). Anyhow, if you totally disagree, have the answers to all questions and like the shoes, you can purchase them here.

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