Topshop Glisten Stud Court Shoes

Despite the fact that it has been popular for some time now, the stud trend is still going strong among shoe manufacturers, much to my personal delight. Intelligently applied, a stud or two on a pair of shoes can definitely spice up any outfit and still look elegant. Topshop is really nailing the stud trend, which we can see on Glisten Stud Court Shoes.

Glisten Stud Court Shoes

Comparing to the Topshop stud platforms I mentioned earlier, Glisten is more subtle, which makes it easier to incorporate in your arsenal of everyday footwear. The  model is quite standard, a classical court shoe with no platform, but the bright blue colour and the studs on top make the shoes anything but dull. Due to the combination of elegant and edgy, they can definitely serve as a pop of colour in a classical office outfit. Well, that is, unless you work at a place with extremely conservative dress code where anything except for a classical, middle-heeled black closed pump is considered the work of Satan. But even in that case, these shoes will still be great for anything outside your workplace, from a family dinner to a night out. Glisten costs £65 and can be found here.

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