Rick Owens Leather Paneled Wedge Calf Boots

Although I like to indulge in beautiful sandals, sensual peep toes and other kind of  summery footwear, reality kicks in occasionally, making its way through quite persistent weather denial – it IS November and weather is well, as expected in November.  Therefore, let’s be a tad more season-appropriate today with Rick Owens leather wedge boots:

Rick Owens Leather Paneled Wedge Calf Boots

I always appreciate when designers make a statement, attention-drawing shoe by sticking to a clean design, which this two-toned wedge boot with  symmetrical detailing at the front is a perfect example of. Seriously, these boots are raw. These boots are badass. These boots are the kind of boots you’ll wear the days you don’t feel all that “cute-shoes-and-perky-bows”, maybe due to bad weather, maybe due to bad mood, but when you still want to look undisputedly cool walking down the street, with your nose buried in your biggest and warmest scarf. Want to indulge in more details? Take a further look at Net-A-Porter.

And if you feel that the model is a bit bland for you, and you have a lot of leg material you can always go for the thigh version, also available at NAP. However, I kid you not, A LOT of leg material is required or the boots will end up in your crotch, acting both footwear and underwear at the same time and that would definitely not be a pretty sight.

Rick Owens Suede and Leather Wedge Thigh Boots

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