Anastasia Bice Zebra Print Nubuck Suede Pumps

And now let’s go straight back to weather denial:

Anastasia Bice 120mm Zebra Print Nubuck Suede Pumps

I wanted these zebra pumps really bad as soon as they came out. The perfect height of the heel, the bold zebra print and the way they  are gift wrapped and topped of with a contrasting pink bow – ah, they are so cute that my teeth hurt just by looking at them. Unfortunately, there was another big-footed lady out there that was faster and they sold out in 41 quite immediately. (I hope they got a good home! *sniffle) If you are one of the lucky small(er)-footed gals out there, you can find the shoes at LUISAVIAROMA

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  1. I love, love, love this shoe!! What a gorgeous accessory for the LBD…I’m almost afraid to know what some of these shoes you post cost…

    • Yeah I really love it too! Well I am trying to mix a bit of everything, from high street brands to designer shoes because I think it is possible to find both ugly and gorgeous shoes at both ends. Haha, yes, sometimes I am afraid too! But a girl can always dream a bit, despite ocassionaly horrendus prices, right? 🙂


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