Friday Fab: Jimmy Choo Marlene feather and suede sandals

Let’s fab up the remaining couple of working hours before the weekend with Marlene, the feathery creation of Jimmy Choo:

Jimmy Choo Marlene feather and suede sandals

With 15cm heel, purple suede and black and blue crystal-embellished feathers, this shoe is a pure attention magnet, best combined with a really “clean” outfit and perfectly pedicured feet. But beware! With great shoes come great responsibility! Considering the delicate feathers, I would be a tad nervous every time I caught sight of an approaching dog. You never know when hunting instincts of a city pooch can come back to life and this would definitely be bad timing. I would also become slightly protective at the first signs of rain, probably ending up barefooted, with the shoes wrapped in my boyfriends jacket (with him once again calmly re-analyzing his choices in life)  jumping into the first taxi we came across.  However, considering the hefty price tag of €1,395 and the fact I never buy lottery tickets, these scenarios will most probably never occur. Do I still covet them? Oh yes. Well, if you are one of the luckier ones out there, these babies can be adopted here.

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