A shoe girl’s brainfreeze: Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk

Little soldiers of Lady Gaga all over the world – unite!! And start collecting money ’cause you will need it for your future tendon repair surgery.

My brain actually froze for a sec when I saw these shoes, unfortunately without any ice-cream involved. I believe that the model will appeal to a younger customer base, if not for anything else, then simply to piss off their parents. Personally, with the worst brain freeze gone, the whole creation comes of both as different AND boring to me, which is a pretty unusual combination. They look kind of  half done, like the good people of Jeffrey Campbell wanted to produce a radical, attention-drawing show-stopper, started enthusiastically with the curved heel, kind of got tired somewhere about there and simplified the rest of the shoe to the extreme. Just to get it over with. To clarify, I believe that this kind of shoe should be simple, in order for the shape of the heel to stand out. However, it is still possible to make it a gorgeous piece of art:

Alexander McQueen Curved Wedge Shoe

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