A shoe girl’s essentials: Good friends and Black patent leather pumps

Just like people, different shoes come into our lives with different purpose. Some shoes are there to snap us out from our usual color schemes with its bold colors and design. They can’t be worn every day, that is more than we can handle but they are a definite energy injection every now and then.   The human similarity is that “a-little-too-loud-and-free speaking” girlfriend everybody has where a chat can generate way too much intimate information about different sexual escapades but also hell of a good time.

Some shoes are there to solve those ah-so-common fashion crisis when everything in the closet feels like a collection of used dishwasher rags in different stages of decomposition. Just by getting on our feet, they transform us from chubby gray walruses to sleek elegant cats, making our legs long and sexy.  These kinds of shoes are like friends you call for fashion advice/take a dive into their awesome wardrobe/asking them desperately to come over with their complete make-up armory etc. You call them because you know they will complete the mission successfully.

And then, just like best friends, some shoes are there to make your life easier, regardless of the occasion or the need, the kind of shoe you can’t go wrong with.  This is the shoe that go along almost every working outfit, helping you get through a long working day (nope, it won’t shut up your boss at the same time, sorry, but you WILL look good while he growls at you) continuing with you to the local bar/family dinner/first date or whatever you might need it for.

Today’s post brings up the mother of shoe essentials – black leather patent pump.  Very clean, very simple, maybe a tad boring in itself but oh how useful those early mornings when you are rushing to work and the ability to coordinate different pieces of clothing is waiting for the caffeine kick to wake it up. There is an ocean of black patent leather pumps out there but here are a couple of suggestions with different price categories:

Bargain category: Doesn’t need too much explaining, right?

Asos Scala Patent Court Shoe – 33 euros is a nice price tag for basic, almond toe pumps with reasonable 10,5 cm heel.  Purchase possible here.

Medium category: Pay to play. It costs a bit but we feel quite ok while coughing up the money at register due to the promising quality, feel, lines of the shoe etc. Simply – it is worth the money.

Tiger of Sweden’s Daisy Pumps can be further ogled upon here. Quite neat alternative in the same category is provided by Mango:

Investment category: Designer shoes. Usually justified by low CPW (Cost per Walk). Regularly used comments are “I will wear them a lot so they don’t cost so much per walk,  good shoes are an investment,  these  go with everything” and other kind of excuses that usually make our significant others roll their eyes so hard they probably can see their brains for a sec.

Rupert Sanderson’s beautifully crafted Winona Pumps can be further admired at Mytheresa.


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