Shoe Look alikes: Zara Tufted Platform Courts & Christian Louboutins Big Lips 120

Zara Tufted Platform Court Shoe

Zara Tufted Platform Court Shoe

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps

Christian Louboutin Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps

It is quite normal that high-street brands get varying levels of inspiration from luxury designers. The scale starts usually at “brief similarity in some details” that gives us customers a vague déjà-vu feeling but not really ability to map the inspiration source. The other end is “a shameless rip-off” that make us either turn away in discomfort or squeak out loud out of joy right there in the store, collecting a couple of weird glances from the fellow customers at the same time, due to the possibility to buy a hot pair of shoes and still eat something more than noodles for the rest of the month.

When I saw Zara pumps in the store for the first time, my mind immediately went to the Louboutin classics Big Lips 120 Suede Pumps. Zara shoes are “boxier” and you can clearly see the edge where the heel starts while Loubis are one-piece and almond-toe shaped but for me the basics of the shoe look the same. So where in the scale mentioned above do I stand in this case? Am I raising my judgmental point finger with a smirk on my face (no, not the middle finger, this is a polite blog) or am I stretching out my new Zara shoes as I write this? Actually neither nor. I think the level of inspiration is quite acceptable due to the simplicity of the model – a basic pump with not-so-basic heel. However, the not-so-basic part of the shoe is not really my cup of tea. The thought of the narrow thin heel and the weight it is supposed to endure during a normal urban hike which includes uneven sidewalks, grids, street wells and every other possible object causing it to break or me to get stuck freaks me out a bit. However, if you are one of the braver ones out there, you can start from Zaras homepage and navigate to your country. The Loubis are an older model and are sold out.

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  1. waterbreather

     /  November 8, 2011

    I agree. I could probably hear that super skinny heel screaming bloody murder under my own weight.

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