Opening post: Christian Louboutin’s Pigalili 120mm

It took me some time to decide what pair of shoes I wanted to start this blog with. Let’s be honest, just as attention thirsty as any other aspiring blogger, for my first blog post I wanted to present to you THE shoe. You know, that kind of shoe that simply enters a room and make all the  other genetically less fortunate peers squeak and stumble a couple of steps back blinded by its awesomeness and kick-ass hotness. So ladies and probably a couple of gentlemen, I present to you Christian Louboutin’s Pigalili. Sure they  are not the newest kids on the block and sure, some might rather have them on a Christmas tree than on their feet but just look at those sleek sexy lines combined with rich detailed surface. These are badass. And with $US 3 595:-, they also come with a badass price tag. But if we let our imagination go for a sec, dream of filthy richdom and these shoes in our eager possession –  these babies DO go with everything. You can match them with LBD, LWD, skinny jeans and a clean top, a really bad hair day etc. Honestly, you can probably walk down the street naked in them (although not recommended out of different reasons) and nobody will notice because all eyes will be fixated on these beauties. For further worshiping, click away here

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